For SEEK’s 10thBirthday we want to give something to those who are usually overlooked. Together with One Warm Winter, we are wrapping up Goodie Bags for the homeless and taking them where they are actually needed – to the streets. That’s why we are asking brands to donate old collection pieces, samples, stock, etc.
“We are really happy to team up with One Warm Winter for our SEEK donation initiative. We want to counteract the omnipresent throwaway mentality. Every step counts. Homelessness is a growing issue, especially in Berlin – we hope to bring some warmth to the city streets.”
– SEEK Team

“With the GiveBag the fashion industry is setting an important example in terms of awareness and sustainability. Ultimately, these bags are filled with what is often left out by the economy: true charity.”
– Dominic Czaja, One Warm Winter

The huge One Warm Winter GiveBag will be filled on all three show days (15–17 January) in front of the SEEK location at Arena Berlin. Every donor will receive a donation receipt and stay informed about the next steps. The GiveBags will be handed out to people in need by the SEEK team and One Warm Winter at the next charity event.

Additional support will be provided by TOMS with a requested voluntary donation in exchange for a nice hot coffee. The end sum will be matched by TOMS and donated directly to One Warm Winter.

“Giving is at the heart of everything we do at TOMS, but it’s projects like this that are in our own backyard that hit home the most. Homelessness is one of the issues closest to our hearts, so we couldn’t be more honoured to work with SEEK and One Warm Winter this season to lend a hand to our friends in Berlin that need it most.”
– Lisa Hogg, TOMS EMEA Marketing Director

The reaction from the SEEK brands towards our initiative has been amazingly positive – almost all of them are actively and enthusiastically participating by donating garments that cannot be sold anymore.

“Palladium Boots is very excited about this call for action and being able to take part in supporting the cause. City terrain is what we are built on and we are glad to gift a little warmth and particularly the gesture of humanity together with SEEK and One Warm Winter.”
– Melanie Bruss, Marketing Manager, Palladium Boots D, AT & NL

“The entire CHIEMSEE family is amazed by this initiative! It’s a great feeling to pass on some warmth and distribute it more fairly. Thank you SEEK and One Warm Winter for the idea – the fashion industry definitely needs more of those!”
– The CHIEMSEE family


One Warm Winter is an initiative supporting the homeless and trying to raise awareness especially within the younger generations. Without a moralizing undertone, One Warm Winter shows and provides simple ways of helping people and tries to promote their acceptance within our society. Celebrities such as Joko Winterscheidt, Materia, Palina Rojinski and Elias M’Barek are regular supporters of One Warm Winter’s campaigns. For more information visit

 is the leading trade fair for upper streetwear & urbanwear and sees itself as the voice of street culture. Beyond that, SEEK stands for democracy, kindness, tolerance and transparency, and nourishes the friendly exchange between brands and buyers. SEEK is love and respect for all.


 2019 JANUARY 15–17