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    We sneaked away again during the cold months. Overwintering somewhere far more in the south, definitly very recommendable. Of course we brougth a nice collection of street art pictures and graffiti material from the place we went to: Israel. As well we went for an interview to the since 10 years existing Montana can shop in Tel Aviv. The country has a lot to offer and is worth an explorative visit.

    New Years Eve we celebrated in Jerusalem at a Klezmer concert of the Jerusalem Klezmer Band. Tel Aviv is also a fantastic city and you should definitely spend some time there. Nice partys, good food, and historic valuable altogether. There are political and religious issues, it´s complicated, but this article is about the art on the walls. You can find streetart here and there, but the good ones you have to search for. These are sometimes more hidden. But if you dare to enter the alley hurly-burly, then you can find them growing exuberantly on a lot of interesting spots.

    A recommendation is to check the Carmel Market. There you can find a lot of delicious local food, cheap clothes, exotic spices and all kind of junk. And on every second corner there are amazing graffities or stencils, small size, middle, up till great team work mirrors. The mishmash of architecture and human beings is something you should have seen, and you should as well go there for shopping and having a lunch. Jaffa Old Town is worth to visit and quite important if you want to know a bit more about the city, the country and its history, but here you will only find just a few streetart pieces.

    There are some graffiti-congested-areas like the quarter Florentin. It´s a house jumble between hipster-thing and work shop real dog, overgrown with heaps of marvelous streetart. But these streets are getting as well overgrown by tourist graffiti-tours, some are quite professionally organized, some are cheaply guided. Save your money, the prizes for most of the tours we searched for and compared were way too high. The advice is to take a walk by yourself, with some time you can easily stroll through the city and explore the streets for graffitis. The presented background information by the guides surely isn´t that bad, but it´s just to expensive. More direct and better information you can get in the Capzoola store (check below) or have a look in the short-documentaries about graffiti in Tel Aviv (check as well below).

    Surprisingly in Tel Aviv there exists a Montana shop, self-evidently that we visited that place. Lalo and Andrew run the can store named Capzoola since 10 years in the city center, on May 14th there will be the anniversary. With a lot of work and effort they made it that far and the shop is meanwhile a little institution if you need anything around paint and colors. In the beginning they started selling the cans from underneath the bed. A decade ago they opened the nice space in Geula Street 42, “zoola” from Capzoola means “cool place to chill” in Hebrew. In their assortment you can find anything about graffiti equipment what could be needed and the whole range of the 94ers. That´s THE series from Montana. High quality, the best you can get at the moment in 174 different colors. Andrew tells us in an interview about the development of the shop and the streetart scene in Tel Aviv.

    In the short movie “Crossing Lines” from Conor Harrington about graffiti in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Palestine from 2010 you can see an interview with Lalo in the Capzoola shop and some more recordings about local sprayers like KnowHope, Zero Cents oder Wisam Salsaa.


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    The well worth seeing graffiti spots you can find above all on the seafront, in the labyrinth of the Carmel Market and in the quarter Florentin (check the map), but as well in numerous side streets.

    Jon Reiss visited for his graffiti documentary „Bomb it 2“ some new countries in the search for streetart, and he went this time as well to Israel and Tel Aviv, it´s a very cool and interesting movie. Here is the part from Tel Aviv:


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       Adress Capzoola:  Ge’ula Street 42, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

       Phone Capzoola: +972 77-705-9059

    fb_icon_325x325   Facebook Capzoola: https://de-de.facebook.com/capzoola/

       Montana World – Capzoola Documentary: http://www.mtn-world.com/blog/tag/capzoola/