For more than 20(!) years CANNICS now is the mascot of FIFTYEIGHT3D, an internationally awarded 3D animation company based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The direct translation of the name “CANNICS” means “Can’t do nothing” that is why he has no points of articulation nor is there a further use for him. Growing up and being stuffed in the free-market economy, CANNICS is the overweight cousin of the well-known smiley from the early nineties. Despite the fact that he’s obviously handycapped he still brings things down to the ground somehow. He is a very optimistic and likeable yellow fatso who was born to put smiles on peoples faces.

About The CANNICS Vinyl Figure

Unfortunately the CANNICS VINYL FIGURE is a DesignerToy™, which is made out of finest asian vinyl, which means it’s not a toy for children (grown-ups don’t eat, nor suck or lick on their toys!). In our opinion urban vinyltoys have to be made in China. The closer to Hong Kong the better. Just touching Hong-Kong-Airport is enough to “knight a toy to an official collectors item” which aims for grown-up designers and collectors’ hearts from all over the world, who are willing to spend small fortunes on limited editioned vinyl toys.

The CANNICS VINYL FIGURE’s only usage is similar to that of a good familiar spirit, which makes sure that enough good Karma and positive energy is in the place. Once a CANNICS has found his owner, he’s spreading his protective and positive Karma into the walls surrounding him. A CANNICS should be placed higher than 37 cm from the ground.

About the CANNICS-Exhibition

A selected reign of artists have been asked by FIFTYEIGHT3D to interprete CANNICS in their artform. Most of the selected artists are friends of FIFTYEIGHT3D or of their network. The other part are Artists who influenced FIFTYEIGHT3D (and some of their network) with their work. An interesting aspect is the mixture of individual artists, such as entire companies who are working in the creative industry. From modern artists, concept-artists, urban street artists, graffitti & calligraphy artists, product designers, typographs, texters, art- and creative-directors, tattoo-artists, automotive-interior-designers to traditional painters and drawing artists. They all were contributing to an interesting mix of “CUSTOMIZED-CANNICI”. There was an exhibition of the finished custom CANNICI held in Frankfurt am Main in Sasasfee Pavillon. And of course the pieces of art was for sale while one quarter of the proceeds was donated to an organization which cares about abused children.



Each artist sets a sales price for his customized CANNICS. If sold, the money will be split in four parts. One part for the artist. Another part for FIFTYEIGHT. One part for the gallery and the last part for a good cause* The custom-Cannici was exhibited in a vernissage in Saasfee Pavillon in Frankfurt/Germany where they could be bought as well. Together with the exhibition there was a photoshoot and blog-posts. If not sold during the exhibition sale continues on “www.58products.com“.

Jeder Künster bestimmt den Endpreis für den von ihm erstellten “Custom-Cannics” selbst. Dieser Preis wird in vier Teile geteilt:  Ein Teil für den Künstler, ein Teil für FIFTYEIGHT, ein Teil für die Galerie und ein Teil für eine gute Sache*. Die Custom-Cannici hat im Frühjahr/Sommer 2011 eine eigene Vernissage in Saasfee Pavillon in Frankfurt am Main gehabt, auf der die Cannici ausgestellt und auch gekauft wurde. Angeschlossen an die Ausstellung war ein Photoshoot,  Blog-posts und der weitergehende Verkauf der Custom-Cannici auf “www.58products.com“.

*good cause: http://www.gegen-missbrauch.de